Rancher Performance

hey guys,
I use Rancher in my company to manage Kubernetes, we have many resources in specific clusters, for example +8,000 pods, +2,000 deployments and these clusters take a long time to load, which generates user dissatisfaction.

How can I improve the performance of my Rancher to reduce the slowness in accessing these resources?

I found some topics about this but they didn’t work for me, as none of them had as many resources as my clusters.

Rancher version 2.6.8

Hello Letícia,

I think you need more details to answer your question. There is the rancher management cluster running the rancher UI and a downstream cluster which consists of the master and worker nodes. The pods are deployed on the latter clusters and usually only on the worker nodes. Which Kubernetes do you use and in which version? Suse offers rke, rke2 and k3s.

What is the equipment of the clusters? Here cpu, memory, persistent memory. What is the bandwidth of your network 1G, 10G, 100M?

How resource-hungry are your apps?

The number of master and worker nodes is also important!
Is your installation onprem or in the cloud?