Dashboard issues or Resources issues?

Hello everyone!

I’m running 4 instances of the latest RancherOS version each with 12G of RAM and 12 vCores at 2.4Ghz (3 agents, 1 with the server).
All running kubernetes. My dashboard for every node reports a constant 0.5 of 12 used CPU and 0.1 of 11.4 GiB used of RAM. Even if I boot up 20 pods just for testing these values to not float at all.
Also I’ve been trying to run a oracle node on these and is really like, really slow… taking more the 20 minutes to run 140 scripts (CREATES and ALTERS mainly) which on my local machine takes 30 seconds at most.
Which is leading me to think if by any means upon setup a limitation for computer resources was places by default or something. Any leads to at least find out the issue? and eventually solve it?

To be very honest I know nothing about this topic I’m trying to learn as I go, doesn’t anyone have a online course about this or anything at all? even if it is paid?

João Lourenço.