Rancher Release - v0.59.0

Release v0.59.0



  • With this version, Rancher will only support Docker Engine 1.9.1+. Existing Docker Engine versions to 1.6 will continue to work but we will not be able to address issues that stem from those versions.
  • With this version, Rancher is upgrading HAProxy to 1.6. In general, Rancher will automatically upgrade both the LB Service and Network containers with the new version. However, users without internet will need to download rancher/agent-instance:v0.8.0 into their own registry, destroy any existing LB Services and Network containers, and recreate them.
  • The Rancher Catalog that comes default now has two repositories that can be enabled or disabled. We do not recommend disabling the Rancher Official Catalog due to a few features that are dependent on it.

New Features

  • Support IP and Create Indices Retention for Services [#2494] - Added support for users to enable services to allow containers to retain their IP and Create Indices even after the containers have been recreated for any reason (i.e. during upgrades or health check failures). This is especially useful for applications (i.e. Zookeeper) that support a cluster mode where IP and/or a Create Index are used to identify existing nodes.

Rancher Catalog

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v0.56.1

  • Increased API/AJAX timeout for the UI to handle for network latency [#3447]
  • Fixed an issue in the UI where cloning a container with port mappings would fail [#3431]
  • Added a new “Refresh” ability in the UI to reload the Rancher Catalog [#3426]
  • Fixed an issue where the light and dark theme was not properly loaded on a browser [#3368]
  • Fixed an issue where if any service in the environment has a metadata entry with a non-string value, GlusterFS would not start [#3012]
  • Fixed an issue where saving user preferences for environments would cause a 422 error [#3007]
  • Added support for Hairpin NAT in Rancher’s managed network [#1920]
  • Added support to differentiate between adding a custom name vs the actual hostname of the host [#3514, #3414]
  • Removed “appcookie” policy for LB Services as part of the HAProxy 1.6 upgrade [#3489, #3355]

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