Rancher Release - v1.2.2

Release v1.2.2


Note: With our new infrastructure services, we no longer launch a network agent and have moved to a specific HAProxy image for load balancers. Therefore, we no longer need rancher/agent-instance.


  • Starting with version 1.2.0, Rancher no longer supports AWS ELBs and only supports AWS ALB (Application Load Balancers). Please update your high availability setups to use ALBs.
  • When upgrading from prior v1.2.x releases, please check your infrastructure stacks to make sure your services are up to date. If an “Upgrade Available” button is shown, please update to the latest service.
  • If you are upgrading from 1.1.x to v1.2.2, please read the v1.2.0 release notes on important notes about the upgrade.

Known Major Issues

  • Individual container links are not resolvable, note this is only for container links, service links are still working as expected. [#6584]
  • Self signed certs do not work with Rancher server [#6122]
  • Hosts in AWS created in a prior release using the UI (aka docker-machine) are not cleaned up properly when deleted from the UI [#6750]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.2.1

  • Fixed an issue where docker containers would get in a bad state when attempting to be deleted. [#7013, #7016, #7152]
  • Fixed an issue where hosts were stuck in removing state on v1.2.1 [#7122]
  • Fixed an issue where the same container can not ping its self on the published port [#7128]
  • Fixed an issue where events were flooding rancher server when pods were flapping in k8s [#7149]
  • Fixed an issue where processes would fill with create stack on label provider for k8s services that were spinning [#7158]
  • Fixed an issue where swarm environments might be stuck in initializing [#7178]

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