Rancher Release - v1.1.4

Release v1.1.4


New Features (since v1.1.3)

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.3

  • Fixed an issue where hosts would get stuck in Removing state even if an attempt to delete was made [#5953]
  • Fixed an issue where deleting namespaces in Kubernetes were not being deleted in Rancher’s environment [#5508]
  • Fixed an issue where pods from other namespaces were showing up in the services pages [#5976]
  • Fixed several Kubernetes Ingress Controller issues [#5477, #5901, #5825, #5871, #5215]
  • Fixed the ability to customize the global/defaults parameter of HAProxy through Kubernetes Ingress [#5823]
  • Updated documentation on how to support Rancher running behind a proxy [#5315]

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