Rancher Release - v1.4.1

Release v1.4.1


Supported Docker Versions

Docker 1.10.3
Docker 1.12.3-1.12.6

Rancher Server Tags

Rancher server has 2 different tags. For each major release tag, we will provide documentation for the specific version.

  • rancher/server:latest tag will be our latest development builds. These builds will have been validated through our CI automation framework. These releases are not meant for deployment in production.
  • rancher/server:stable tag will be our latest stable release builds. This tag is the version that we recommend for production.

Please do not use the releases with a rc{n} suffix. These rc builds are meant for the Rancher team to test out builds.

v1.4.1 has been tagged as rancher/server:latest and rancher/server:stable.

Known Major Issues

  • Hosts in AWS created from v1.1.4 using the UI (aka docker-machine) are not cleaned up properly when deleted from the UI [#6750]
  • With self signed certs, using a remote kubectl client does not work automatically, but there is a workaround in the issue [[#7235]((https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/7235)]
  • With self signed certs and Kubernetes, Helm operations are hanging [#7234]
  • When enabling multiple scheduler IPs, if a specified host IP that matches a scheduler IP is used when exposing a port or for a load balancer, it does not get scheduled on the host with that IP. [#7675]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.4.0

  • Fixed an issue where if all hosts were terminated in an environment at the same exact time, the scheduler wouldn’t re-launch infrastructure services on a new host [#7729]
  • Fixed an issue where if an instance attempted to re-schedule over 130 attempts, the exponential backoff would reset to 15 seconds [#7785]

Rancher-Compose Downloads

Rancher CLI Downloads