Rancher Release - v1.5.7

Release v1.5.7


Supported Docker Versions

  • Docker 1.10.3
  • Docker 1.12.3-1.12.6
  • Docker 1.13.1 (Not supported with Kubernetes as Kubernetes does not support it yet)
  • Docker 17.03.0-ce (Not supported with Kubernetes as Kubernetes does not support it yet)

Rancher Server Tags

Rancher server has 2 different tags. For each major release tag, we will provide documentation for the specific version.

  • rancher/server:latest tag will be our latest development builds. These builds will have been validated through our CI automation framework. These releases are not meant for deployment in production.
  • rancher/server:stable tag will be our latest stable release builds. This tag is the version that we recommend for production.

Please do not the releases with a rc{n} suffix. These rc builds are meant for the Rancher team to test out builds.

Stable - v1.5.7 - rancher/server:stable and rancher/server:latest

Important - Upgrade

  • In this release, we will automatically upgrade the network-services infrastructure stack as without this upgrade, your release will not work. Please expect this automatic upgrade regardless of your upgrade.manage setting.
    • Upgrading from versions prior to Rancher v1.5.3 will trigger an automatic upgrade.
    • Upgrading from versions Rancher v1.5.4 - v1.5.6 will not trigger an automatic upgrade.

Known Major Issues

Major Bug Fixes since v1.5.6

  • Fixed an issue where if you deleted the Kubernetes stack and re-launched it in the same environment without cleaning up the hosts, dashboard would say service unavailable. We always recommend that you should clean up hosts after deleting the kubernetes stack Note: If your hosts were not cleaned up properly in prior Rancher setups before upgrading, it will not fix those environments.
  • Fixed an issue where if one of the containers of a service was in purged state in the middle of an upgrade, it would get stuck in a loop. [#8601, #8611]
  • Fixed an issue where audit logs were logging sensitive information [#7552]

Rancher CLI Downloads

Rancher-Compose Downloads