Rancher-server and hosts


I’m new to rancher. Currently I just setup rancher-server on a VM.(docker up to date with debian 8)
I will now deploy my first node. I am just wondering if I can use the same VM for acting has a host and rancher-server, or if I should dedicate the VM for rancher-server ?

Thank you for your tips.

You can install the agent on the same host as Rancher server, although it is recommended to use a different host.


Thank you, so a basic setup would be like :

  • VM1 : rancher-server
  • VM2 : rancher host

For production I guess setting up a cluster is recommended :

  • VM1 : rancher-server1
  • VM2 : rancher-server2
  • VM3 : rancher host

Of course I guess we can add many rancher host as needed right ?

If you are going to use 2 rancher servers in production, they you should also have another VM to host the database, probably even a cluster (Galera, Percona) for database redundancy. You can add as many hosts/VMs as you want. The only caveat is that each host needs to be accessible by its own IP address, so you can’t put a bunch of servers behind a NAT router unless you create a VPN tunnel between the router and wherever the servers are hosted.

Yes I did forget to mention the database server.

Thank you