Rancher Server + Cluster on the same machine

I would like to know if is possible having the rancher server and a cluster on the same machine (not isolating any of them with virtual machine or dind). If possible how could I do that? As far as I know it would have some conflicts with things like the node ports.

It’s described here: https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/installation/single-node-install/#running-rancher-rancher-and-rancher-rancher-agent-on-the-same-node

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Can someone comment on why it is not recommended to use the same K8s cluster for Rancher as well as your workloads? In planning a cluster for our production, with all HA and best practices in mind, it boggles my mind that I’d need a separate “rancher k8s” cluster? What are the practical advantages to having separate clusters?