Rancher server behind router in VM

Hi all,

I have issues with my Rancher Server setup. I’m running Rancher Server (v1.1.0-dev3) at home behind a router. Docker runs on a Windows 10 Pro machine using the new Docker for Windows Beta. That means Docker actually runs in a virtual Hyper-V machine within a network provided by a Hyper-V virtual switch. NAT port forwarding is used to make Rancher Server accessible from the internet (port 80 from router to windows machine + from windows machine to Hyper-V machine).

Most things work but some don’t:

  1. Container stats don’t show up. It merely displays “Connecting…” and the browser console repeatedly shows:

     Socket connecting (id=13, url=ws:// ...)
     Socket opened (state=connecting, id=13)
     Socket null closed
  2. Newly created machines don’t show the correct IP address but instead - which is the IP of the virtual switch.

Do you have any ideas?


If you are running Docker 1.11, then the container stats issue is a known one.

As for the host IP, rancher does its best to guess the correct one, but in certain setups it fails. I am on my phone, but in this page (but further down) it says how you can update it.