Rancher Server - How is the --advertise-address option used with other services


After going over the documentation for the rancher server setup the only explanation for the advertise address when setting up rancher server is that it needs to be unique. What I was hoping someone could do is shed light on how this is used with networking services, host setup, and what network routing rules need configured based upon this address.

Based on the rancher server gui it appears the advertise address is used in the various places such as infrastucture -> host page in the nav menu and exploring the services and containers. Is this used at all in the health check services? Do any of the network services take advantage of this address during initial creation? Is this used at all when creating new hosts and the various services that are offered in rancher server to create new hosts.

As cloud providers become more sophisticated many servers come with both pubic and private addresses. For rancher server are there any guidelines as to when to use the private or public ip addresses for the advertise address? I can imagine just in a simple 3 server HA solution on AWS in a VPC this might solve common setup questions, but might also be useful for Digital Ocean users, and Google Cloud Compute users.