Rancher settings wiped - can i re-connect to the cluster?


I’ve spent the past few weeks getting my Kubernetes cluster up and running with Rancher. I had Watchtower running on my docker host and it upgraded Rancher overnight. That is where the trouble starts.

All of my cluster settings and longhorn volume settings are gone. Actually, the nodes are still running so for now and everything looks OK, only that the rancher docker that was managing the cluster is no longer doing so.

So, first thing, is there any way I can re-connect to the existing Rancher cluster so it can be managed as it was before?

Secondly, if not, if I start again, can I somehow use my existing longhorn volumes?

Finally and maybe most importantly, I was persisting "/var/lib/rancher" and also "/var/log/auditlog" but my existing cluster data still seems to have been wiped. Did something go wrong here or is there something I missed in terms of folders/data to persist outside the rancher container?

Any help would be very appreciated!