Recover Rancher Server from node


Last night I upgraded Rancher server from 2.1.0 to latest. When new install start, I have a new blank config (them lost all my cluster previously configured)
Unfortunately I have no backup or snapshot.

I had a cluster with 10 nodes (5 of them are with etc/controller, …) , which are still running very well.

Is there a way to recover my rancher/server config from one node config ?

Best regards

If you have a working kubeconfig you can add cluster -> import to see it, but that’s not going to be able to manage nodes, upgrade versions, etc. That may help for a bit while you build a new cluster.

If you’re using the single container server you need to persist the volume it uses somewhere, or do --volumes-from it on upgrade. You may still have the old one lying around to try again.