Rancher setup on HA cluster using private SSL certificate

I have installed rancher 2.7.6 using helm. After creating cluster, I am unable to register nodes. Neither individually as controlplane, worker or etcd nor as a single node with both three. It stays stuck in waiting for cluster agent to connect status. My setup includes Rancher running on HA cluster. The HA cluster is created using k3s. I am using my SSL certificate issued from DigiCert for rancher. Everything is working fine and I can access rancher with the domain. I have also updated the ca-certificates of the node that I am trying to register as running the curl command was giving me CA trust authority error. That also got resolved once I updated the nodes’s ca-certificates. The curl command runs fine. Despite everything apparently running fine, I cannot register nodes in the cluster. Can someone help me out in setting rancher on HA cluster with own SSL certificate?