How do I install rancher in HA mode on 3 master nodes with .dev domain?

hi there,

I’m a newby to kubernetes and rancher but would like to transition into more of a devops engineer role inside of the startup that I work for instead of doing only software engineering on the frontend. I’m making my firsts steps into the world of gitops and containers.

I have some experience with the command line and linux related stuff. Currently I’m trying to setup my first rancher kubernetes cluster for managing my clusters.

I’m doing this on a cloud provider called hetzner. I want to have a HA configuration for rancher that works on 3 master nodes that I can expand later (cheap first setup).

I’ve made the servers, setup kubernetes using k3sup and installed rancher with helm.The problem I’m currently having is that I’m setting this up on a .dev domain, which typically comes bundled with strict HSTS as a default behaviour in the browser (can’t be changed).

So now that I’ve deployed my instance and have used letsencrypt as my certificate provider with cert-manager. I am now getting a TLS handshake timeout because I can’t reach the host since it uses HSTS and the certificates don’t seem to be installed yet right after installation. (Probably due to trying to issue the certificate through http when HSTS is enabled)

What should I do to get my letsencrypt certs working for my HA rancher cluster on a .dev domain?

I can not do kubectl -n rancher describe certificate/issuer since it’s giving me a TLS handshake timeout because of the HSTS so I am unable to diagnose what went wrong with the certs from letsencrypt during initial setup.

I have ssh access to the 3 master nodes.

I am in dire need of someone’s help :sob: