Rancher stacks not coming up

Hello Team,

We are currently using rancher v1.6.18 and have 131 sonarqube stacks deployed on the Rancher.
When we try to create more stacks on Rancher, the stacks services do not come up. It goes into the stop/initializing state cycle, trying to communicate with the sonaqube db but not able to do the db connection.
Initially IPSec Infra services were not stable, we had to upgrade the IPSec to rancher/net:v0.13.13
We currently have 3 rancher masters, 3 db hosts and 70 Rancher hosts servers hosted in production.
Could you please help us on this topic as it is production issue now.
We are not able to provison new stacks on rancher.


Hi All,
Upgrade your Mariadb Database to 10.2.34
The problem will be resolved.