Rancher HA stuck at activating state adding a new stack

We have rancher running in HA on AWS, 3/3 nodes are working fine, but when i launch a new stack so it stuck in activating state.

The database is running on RDS.
When i launch the stack without HA , the stack is launched successfuly.

Hi Amaranto!

It sounds like you are having problem with your ELB configuration, have you enabled the Proxy Protocol Support on it?

Take a look at the relevant Documentation

Hope this helps!


Hi alex, yes , it is enabled on my elb, all is working fine except by stacks. Actually, I can add services manually to the stack in activating state , but i can’t import docker and rancher yml files to create one.

Using SSL terminated at ELB and poiting SSL(TCP) 443 to TCP 81 works fine. The issue is still present using SSL terminated at Rancher.

How are you trying to import docker/rancher compose files? Using the UI or CLI?

Can you try taking the same files and launch them in the CLI? Typically, when you see a stack stuck in activating when trying to import docker-compose.yml files in the UI, there is some kind of syntax error. If you use the CLI, you’ll be able to see what the issues are.

We have an existing issue out there so that we’d surface the errors from rancher-compose into the Rancher UI.

Hi Denise, I was trying using GUI, but the issue is the same creating an empety stack.