Rancher supported docker versions

I have just re-read Rancher 1.4.0 release notes, and there’s a “supported docker versions” entry. I would suggest including this in every release note, because now I’m wondering whether Rancher 1.3.4 supports Docker 1.11.2 (which we’re running right now) or not.

(… Does it? :wink: )

This is basically a distinction for us to keep customers on daemon versions that are relatively stable and just making that more obvious now even if you’re not a customer.

Every version that contains the base remote API version we use “works” (1.10.0+). But versions not marked supported typically have some sort of impactful issues that are likely to affect people and we would rather not get called about them.

1.11.x “works” but has never been “supported”.

upgraded to 1.12.6 now anyway :slight_smile: . thx for clarification!