Why doesn't rancher support K8s with newer docker versions?

Just started investigating Rancher and it looks great! I did note on this page:


that Rancher doesn’t seem to support K8s with any of the newer versions of Docker. Why is this and is it going to change? We’re set on using K8s and would like to use it with a recent release of Docker; Rancher looks like a great platform for managing K8s but the version issue might be a deal breaker for us.

Kubernetes 1.5 only supports up to 1.12.3

Makes sense, thanks.

So, let’s revive this thread! Rancher now supports Kubernetes 1.12.3 and according it’s release notes kubernetes 1.12.3 itself supports docker 18.06.

According to the rancher documentation the supported docker version is still 17.03.2.

So, when will rancher2 support a more recent version with docker since there are some (much wanted!) fixes since the docker 17.03.2.

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