Rancher - Tech Preview Update 3/7/2018

Release v2.0.0-alpha21

Please view the latest Rancher 2.0 Project Plan for the most current feature list and schedule.

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For the purpose of the tech preview, we will always update rancher/server:preview with the latest preview builds until we GA. After we GA, we will update the appropriate latest and stable tags as required.


  • rancher/server:v2.0.0-alpha21
  • rancher/agent:v2.0.3

Change in Accessing the UI

Previously Rancher’s UI was exposed on port 8080, but with the new changes, the docker run command has been updated to:

docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 rancher/server:preview

You can access the UI at https://<server_ip>.

New Features

NOTE: Please bear in mind that, with this preview release, not all features are ready for consumption.
You might find some features disabled in the UI. We will quickly provide upcoming builds as 
they become available.  The following are some of the highlighted features for this preview build.  More details can be found in the [Rancher 2.0 Project Plan](https://github.com/rancher/rancher/wiki/Rancher-2.0) 
  • Integrated Rancher Tools - Starting with this build, Rancher will release three integrated tools to help operate k8s components and workloads:
    • Logging - Support to collect and transport logs to your own ElasticSearch, Kafka, Splunk, and syslog systems.
    • Alerting - Support the ability to configure system or workload alerts to generic webhooks, emails, Slack, or PagerDuty.
    • Pipelines - Support project based Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines.
  • Catalog Support for Helm - Out-of-the-box support for the official Helm stable and incubator chart repositories. Users will be able to add their own customized catalog.
  • Github Support - Rancher can now be configured to support Github as an authentication provider.
  • Workload UX - Rancher’s new UX for creating your own k8s applications by automatically determining the best underlying k8s workload (Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, or CronJob) to create and exposing the application with the most appropriate k8s services (NodePort, ClusterIP, or LoadBalancer) as an endpoint. Additional k8s support include the ability to configure Ingress and creating custom DNS entries.
  • Updated cluster creation wizard - The ability to create or import a k8s cluster has been redesigned to make it more intuitive and easier to use.
  • AKS Support - Azure Container Service (AKS) is now supported.
  • Rancher CLI - The Rancher CLI is now available to download.

Upcoming Milestone Release Features

The following features should be on the next upcoming milestone (subject to change):

  • ActiveDirectory-as-an-AuthProvider
  • PodSecurityPolicies enabled
  • NetworkPolicies enabled
  • Volume Support for Workloads - In addition to supporting volume management for workloads, it will also directly affect the following features:
    • secret management - Rancher bind mounts in a volume to publish secrets to pods
    • directory based logging - Rancher bind mounts in a volume to support collecting logs that are written to a directory vs stdout/err
  • Local cluster support - Rancher Server itself will serve as a k8s cluster and can be used for application pod deployments. You can simply add nodes directly to the Rancher server without the need to create brand new managed k8s clusters.

Known Major Issues

Rancher CLI Downloads