Rancher UI really slow after a number of hosts added

I’m managing close to 300 servers. The first step of my setup was to migrate 68 hosts to rancher. While everything works ok I find the UI really unresponsive most of the time. To update a service I have to refresh the entire page 10 or 20 times because the ui stops responding entirely. I’m really worried of migrating the rest of my stack until something is done in this direction.

P.S. Each of the host is running 4 services.

This will be noticeably better in 1.2, and further improved with paging/different views after that.

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When version 1.2 will be released?

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v1.2.0-pre4-rc6 was released 4 days ago, hoping it won’t be too long now :slight_smile:

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We’ve decided to push 1.2 out for a few more weeks as we are making quite a few changes to networking, and wanted to give it additional time for QA. We’ve updated the release target date to last week of November.

Also the session seems to be running independent and does not update/prolong itself at each interaction. I often find myself doing something and the next minute: “Your session has timed out. Log in again to continue.”

Romeo - can you email me shannon at rancher.com and I’ll have someone in Berlin take a look.

I would need to verify, but the timeout is typically 16 hours. @vincent would have a more exact answer.

Session tokens are good for 16 hours, but some error responses from the API will cause you to be kicked back to the login page.

It might be it. With the amount of “things” and moving parts in our rancher setup…we’re seeing that kick a lot here :slight_smile: