Rancher UI Refresh

Good Morning,

Im new to rancher and recently deployed via helm chart (Rancher V.2.5.8). I see 4 pods running inside the cattle-system namespace and im trying to follow the logs to catch what’s causing the UI to reload but not see anything relivant.

Issue… The UI refreshes roughly every 5 mins, if Im in the middle of creating or editing something it can refresh and I lose all the entires Ive made if im not quick enough :frowning:

Again I’m new so not sure what all information I should provide to assist this. This is the list of pods I have, just not sure which would control the ui/errors of the ui or if Im even on the right track here.

kubectl get pods --namespace=cattle-system
NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
rancher-webhook-65f558c486-ml2c5   1/1     Running   6          9d
rancher-7cbb45db4-5rt5n                     1/1     Running   8          9d
rancher-7cbb45db4-phvls                     1/1     Running   10         9d
rancher-7cbb45db4-zdc5c                    1/1     Running   9          9d

Thanks CM

Is this in the old Cluster Manager or the new Cluster Explorer / Dashboard? Does the refresh result in the log in page or it’s like a straight browser refresh and you’re back at the original page?

The only time the UI refreshes itself is when the websocket connections it uses to keep everything up to date are disconnected for a while and then are reestablished. So the root cause is you’re getting continuously disconnected somehow, which could be anything from bad wifi, proxies in between you and teh server container, majorly overloaded server can’t keep up, etc…

The Manager UI (/the API behind) it has no way to efficiently tell us what has changed during the time you were was disconnected from it, so it reloads to get back into a known state.

Explorer/the newer API does have a mechanism to resync the state after a disconnect, so it doesn’t need to reload.

The issue is with the cluster manager page. I typically notice it to be annoying when I’m editing a yaml file of an app or setting up the app having to look up settings to add before deployment. Seems to happen in about 5 mins or so.

  • Cluster management is where I notice it, (I don’t use Cluster Explorer much.)
  • It does not log me out
  • I’m returned to the same page, all settings revert back to original settings