Rancher v2.3.3 + Ubuntu 20.4 LTS

I’m working on a rancher+ubuntu os upgrade and I wanted to know if there are any known issues with
ubuntu 20.4 for rancher v2.3.3. Can you point me to the proper documentation if there are issues?
Thanks, regards

Version 2.3.3 is too old for there to be a support matrix available(1) but from a search of the GitHub page for Rancher releases(2) I found that version 2.4.5 validated Ubuntu 20.04(3) so I don’t think v2.3.3 is supported with Ubuntu 20.04.

(1) | SUSE
(2) Releases · rancher/rancher · GitHub
(3) Release Release v2.4.5 · rancher/rancher · GitHub