When will 18.04 support for Rancher 2 come?

Seems like all the obstacles are gone but Rancher 2.X is still only supported on a maximum of 16.04. Any idea what the current hold up is or how long it’ll be until 18.04 is supported?

Well for me we are running a test server on 18.04 its works perfectly fine. That might help you.

Unfortunately no, that does not help. We’re running a production deployment that we aren’t allowed to have in any unsupported state.

Based on https://rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/en/installation/requirements/ Ubuntu 18.04 is supported with Docker 18.06 or 18.09. You should probably upgrade to Rancher 2.2, too.

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Yep, looks like the 2.2 release has indeed brought 18.04 support with it. I will note the page I had been checking, https://rancher.com/support-maintenance-terms/, still hasn’t been updated with the 2.2 support listing, but I’m good with the one you found. Thanks!