Rancher Vsphere


I’m seeking advice on resolving an issue I’m facing in Rancher with my RKE2 Cluster.

The problem is as follows: I have an existing RKE2 cluster (version 1.25.12+rke2r1) running on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I was in the process of redeploying two of my control plane nodes. During this process, I removed the old control plane node. In my current setup using VMware vSphere, the cluster attempts to redeploy a new node using the template I pre-created in VMware.

I successfully got one node to rejoin the cluster, and now I have two nodes in the “Running” state. However, my third control plane node is stuck in a loop of building and deleting itself after about 10 minutes.

Upon inspecting the Rancher-agent logs on the VM, I noticed the following error within the logs.

*Initial connection to kubernetes cluster failed with error get \"https://prod-k8s-zone1.io/version\": x509 certificate signed by unknown authority removing ca data.*
*memcache.go206 couldn't get resource list for management.cattle.io/v3:*

Any advise would be helpfull