Rancher watching rancher

So I just had an issue where my server hosting rancher was restarted. And because rancher is run via a container, it never restarted.

I got running with this article

Which so far works well. But after it didn’t restart ( easy fix) I started wondering if I could have two rancher images synced with each other. So when one goes down, the other can simply do what’s needed to get it up and running again. And vice versa. This would make sure one is always running. Possibly behind a proxy so when I go to ‘rancher.domain.com’ it loads the first one. The other could be ‘rancher2.domain.com’ or something.

It would also be cool if I could get them to share volumes? So when either add hosts or containers or change configure it happens in both instances. Ideally each rancher is on its own host.

Is anything like this possible?

The simple answer is that article omits --restart=always when running the rancher/server container, which would have made it start up again on reboot.

You can’t just run multiple copies because they need to coordinate, but what you’re talking about is multi-host support.