Rancher with external db on azure

Does anyone have experience with a rancher ha setup on azure? We could not get past the initializing rancher server docker command. Problem seems to be the clear db (third party provider on azure) mysql database as the tables are created but nothing inserted (every time a different error in the docker logs).
Unfortunately sql server, which is the only managed database on azure, is not supported.
Workaround right now is that we let our rancher ha servers in aws manage the gateway and service instances in azure which is no long term solution.

So does anyone managed to setup a complete rancher ha environment on azure and if yes how?



Did you try to setup MySQL in IAAS. There are many ARM samples for setting up HA MySQL in virtual machines. I did not have a good experience with cleardb mysql.


Well in the end we used a standalone mysql server for the rancher database because cleardb just did not work at all.