RancherOS on XCP-ng (XEN)

Good day,

I have tried RancherOS as VM in XCP-ng hypervizor. It seems OS running well with PV drivers in HVM mode, as it use modern kernel. I have installed Rancher 2.0 directly to RancherOS, but ONE thing is missing.

Do you think there will be xs-tools support as docker container in a future or directly in OS? I see there is a support o KVM qemu, VMware vm-toolsd, why not xs-tools?

We have a one of the best hypervisors back fully opensourced thanks to guys from XenOrchestra with project https://xcp-ng.org . So implementation of xs-tools would be nice to have!

There is a one project what I’m talking about https://github.com/rancher/os/issues/813#issuecomment-206385786 , BUT unfortunately there is last message from Sep 2017 about closing of development. :frowning: