RancherOS Release - v0.4.4

Release v0.4.4

New Features

  • Supports Docker 1.10.3
  • Added centos and fedora console as system services [#14, #15]
  • Automatically stage all images after a system-service was enabled [#259]

Major Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where resizefs was not working [#698]
  • Fixed an issue where networking changes passed through cloud-init was not being respected. Note: The rancher.network.dns.override must be set to true for DNS changes to be respected [#846, #720]
  • Fixed an issue where environment variables set through cloud-init was not being passed to system services [#828]
  • Fixed issues with upgrading and roll back [#690, #799]
  • Fixed an issue where if a local image of rancher/os exists, it will not pull a new image [#771]
  • Fixed an issue where during upgrade, it will check to see if current version is latest [#411]
  • Fixed an issue to allow networking changes to be applied without needing to reboot, you only need to restart the network container [#339]
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+C was not working [#687]
  • Fixed an issue where docker-machine/bare metal and inability to switch to other consoles [#652, #672]

v0.4.4 AMIs

Please see our README to find our community AMIs.