RancherOS Release - v1.2.0

RancherOS v1.2.0


  • Linux 4.9.78 (full support Retpoline)
  • Buildroot: 2017.02.9
  • Docker docker-17.09.1-ce by default, 17.12.0-ce available
  • RPi64: Linux 4.9.76
  • Console:
    • Alpine: 3.7
    • CentOS: 7.4.1708
    • Debian: stretch
    • Fedora: 27
    • Ubuntu: xenial


  • This release updates the kernel to 4.9.78 which will address CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre Var. 2). We have compiled 4.9.78 with GCC 7.3 as 7.3 is now shipped with all Spectre patches.

New Features

  • LVM is now supported and has now been added to the default console [#2146]
  • Added installation support for ros install -c <url> [#2155]
  • Added support for configuring the docker-sys bridge [#1870], [#1903]
  • Changed the default storage driver for ros new installation to overlay2. An upgrade from a previous ros version will continue to make use of overlay. [#2194]
  • Added support for updating the PATH variable [#1873]
  • Added support for a ros -v to obtain version information [#2049]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.4

  • Fixed an issue where the MTU is not properly displayed [#2183]
  • Added better error messages when attempting to install ros with multiple disk partitions [#2060]
  • Added a fix and additional logging when ros preload-images is unable to load all the images [#1817]
  • Fixed an issue where ros does not persist user volumes after a reboot [#2188]
  • Fixed an issue where the user configured cloud-config datasource was not being used [#2204]
  • Fixed an issue where wget does not work against AWS metadata [#2216],[#2248]
  • Fixed an issue where if you use docker-machine to create ros, you will not be able to log into the os after switching to the alpine console [#2210]
  • Fixed an issue where fdisk -l will now no longer report ramdisk information which is consistent with other os distributions [#2233]
  • Fixed an issue where iPXE boot does not always load cloud-init if there are more than one network interface that runs DHCP(backported to v1.1.4) [#2144]
  • Fixed an issue where shutdown -r does not reboot the VM [#2074][#1543]
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