Re: Chokecherry jelly?


Just thought of you and this thread.

If you get more chokecherries try this:

Get some pork tenderloin. Slice it in about inch thick pieces. Heat a
little bit of oil very hopt in a skillet (iron if you can). Sear to
browning on all sides. Remove the pork and pour off the remaining oil. Pour
in some chokecherry syrup (you could use chokecherry jelly or if you’re out,
Lingonberry preserves with maybe a teaspoon of any decent red wine). Return
the meat and cook medium hot until the syrup (jelly) begins to carmelize.

Plate it and spoon the sauce over the meat. Serves best with a nice Pinot

“Miles58” wrote:

Just thought of you and this thread.[/color]


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