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It might be useful if you can tell us which version of I’m going to
assume that you are actually using SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. you
are using. This information is in the file /etc/novell-release

sabine2011;2156363 Wrote:[color=blue]

I need help in a big way. Got a new laptop yesterday HP 635 with a
LINUX OS, Well I know absolutly nothing about computers or operating
Out of curiosity, why did you buy a laptop with Linux on it?

sabine2011;2156363 Wrote:[color=blue]

Tried to update my firefox and do not know how to even install that.[/color]
Unless you have a specific reason to, don’t worry about updating
Firefox. Whilst the version of Firefox currently in SLED is a bit old,
it is still being supported by Mozilla and updated with security
patches. So long as you have registered your copy of SUSE Linux
Enterprise Desktop will receive any updates you need from Novell. (If
you have no registered your copy of SLED there is a module for doing
this in YaST.

sabine2011;2156363 Wrote:[color=blue]

What is much worse though is that on my old computer I had Norton 360
for virus protection. Now I do not have any because they tell me that
Norton does not work with LINUX.[/color]
Norton protects against viruses which affect Microsoft Windows. Viruses
that affect Microsoft Windows cannot affect Linux. So Norton is
irrelevant when you’re using Linux. Whilst it would be wrong to say
that Linux is immune to viruses the fact is that viruses on Linux are
not a problem in the way that they are on Windows. I can’t recommend any
antivirus for Linux because I’ve never used any.

The version of SLED that you get with HP laptops is not entirely the
same as what you get if you buy it from Novell. HP add in extra drivers
and things like that. They also sell laptops with two versions of SLED,
one of which only gets updates 3 months. (Do you know which one you’ve

Someone who works for HP (‘View Profile: Arnaudk93 - Novell - NetIQ -
SUSE’ ( reads/posts here.
He may be able to help you with HP specific questions.


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