Re: NRM fails to startup - Error initializing sockets, ccode = 0x62

Hey :slight_smile:

Still works. I was in the same boat today, and this helped to fix it.



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You’re welcome!

It’s funny how this pid mechanism has been around since the inception
of Unix (I think), and yet, it is still quite flawed, as there is no way
to tell via the presence of a small text file (using this method)
whether a process is alive and well, or whether it just quit
unexpectedly and the system left the pid file in place. There are ways
to check whether a pid is valid (e.g., Monit does this), but it must be
done at the application level (i.e., each executable must handle this
checking on its own). Shortsighted, indeed…

Anyway, glad my little snippet came in handy. Remember it for other
stubborn processes. :wink:

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLP, CLE, CWTS
Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC

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