Recreating services defined in (cloud-config.yml)->rancher->services

Is there any way I can get RancherOS to recreate the services defined in cloud-config.yml?
I know one can get all the config via ros config export, so I figured there must be a way to do this.

What I want to achieve: some services have a bind mount for a file which might not exist during first system startup. Later on, the services are turned off automatically and the file is created. This step cannot be run before starting the services because one of the script’s functionality is to run a docker container (synchronously).

The root issue is that bind-mounting a non-existent file causes a container to create a directory in its place.
If the container is stopped and the directory replaced with a file, the container won’t start again (due to this error:
I couldn’t find a way to fix that issue (bind mounts are not managed by docker volume ...) and since I want to automate this process, I thought recreating the containers would be the easiest way.

Solved this by using a 3rd-party docker image for generating docker run ... command of existing containers.