Bare Metal virtualbox cloud init system services issue

after looking at the following topics:


I decided to start a new topic since neither completely answer my current question.
I added an entry for an ssh container service to my cloud init, the install goes without a hitch but the boot process will stop while displaying the following line and just hang:

/go/src/ +0x5a2

here is my rancher section in cloud-config.yml:

   container_name: sshd
   restart: always
   build: /files/ssh
   image: sshd
    - ""
    - /mnt/v1:/home/u1/v1:ro
    - /mnt/v2:/home/u2/v2
    - /mnt/v3:/home/u3/v3:ro

So, what am I doing wrong?

I use write_files to put the necessary dockerfile in the /files/ssh folder, I’ve also verified that they actually get put there [/EDIT]

So an update,
first regarding docker options:
adding a -g /PATH arg to docker will prevent you from pulling or building images from a local file it seems,
furthermore, I haven’t been able to run a service using the cloud-config yml services entry while exposing it’s ports.

Adding a service that build from a path: couldn’t make it work
adding a service that pulls an imagae: works
adding a service that pulls an image AND run it while exposing ports: doesn’t work

On the topic about labels: while reading the documentation I got the feeling that labels weren’t necessary, the ARE. If anyone finds this post you need to specify the after or before label.

The scope label can indeed only work with system scope, as advertised in the documentation.