Register 2 nodes with the same hostname

it is possible?

I have 2 nodes with the same /etc/hostname

If it is possible to register them into custom cluster without changing hostname on machine?

You can add a custom name to a host. Once the node is provisioning, you can edit the node and provide a custom name. I would think this would solve your problem.

I’m just starting to learn kubernetes, rancher, … (I’m new to the field). So my answer might not be correct.

I will check this and report if it is working

Unfortunatelly it’s not working :frowning:

I don’t think so.

I also tried with two hosts with the same hostname but just only one host show up on the cluster.

If you want to change the hostname is easy, just type the following command:

sudo ros config set hostname HOSTNAME

yes but it’s for a Rancher OS

and i’m asking if there is a possibility to register 2 nodes with the same hostname without changing anything on machine