Can I rename a cluster's node?

Hi all,

I have to modify an existing cluster by adding vSphere Cloud Provider to it’s configuration. The original cluster was created by passing to all nodes the --node-name option, so that the nodes are named master, worker-0, and so on, instead of having their native hostname as node name.

I’ve tried to add the vSphere config to an existing cluster configured that way, but after updating cluster nodes can’t connect to cluster anymore, because the provider seems to force a new name to node, using the hostname, so Rancher indefinitely keeps waiting master to get back and cluster is “lost” Rancher side. This doesn’t happen if I omit --node-name option while creating cluster and nodes are registered with their hostnames: adding provider’s config causes an update to cluster nodes that immediately get back to Rancher that re-gains control over the cluster in a while.

Is there a way (a safe one) to change the actual node names in an existing cluster? From UI there is no option and a note tells that the name is reported by node.