FDISK is a utility, included in all versions of MS-DOS and Windows, for
formatting (preparing) a hard disk drive to hold data and to logically
partition the disk, specifying and naming major portions of it for
different uses. FDISK is used to prepare and partition a brand new hard
drive, and typically most personal computers today arrive with the drive
already partitioned and loaded with the operating system and perhaps
other software. A typical personal computer today arrives with a single
partition that is addressed by the operating system as the logical C
drive. (Some PCs also have one or two diskette drives addressed as the A
and B drives. PCs with CD-ROMs also usually address the CD-ROM as the D
drive. But a hard disk drive can be divided into and addressed as
several “logical” drives, or partitions.)

What is the real meaning of fdisk?


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Get rid of MS and install Linux :wink:

There is fdisk (and gdisk, parted, sgdisk etc) in linux as well… it’s
a tool for preparing your disk partitions… as either type dos (3,
primary, 1 extended and then Logical up to 15(?) ) or gpt (128
partitions) for UEFI booting.

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Felton knows what fdisk is. Trust me on that. :slight_smile:

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On 16/03/2018 03:54, Sewermonger wrote:[color=blue]

What is the real meaning of fdisk?[/color]

More historically true, really - any modern windows pc should be on
secure boot (which requires its own partition) and using gpt (which
fdisk can’t “see”) by now.

Hey Sewermonger:

What is the real meaning of fdisk?[/color]

Felton Disk…er… Fixed Disk

My question is why did you have to run fdisk if your disk was already fixed?

Kim - 3/20/2018 8:58:25 AM