Removing a service on upgrade?

I am trying to create a stack that has 1 more container in a certain environment. When I run the docker-compose-staging.yml that has 3 services and then the docker-compose-production.yml which is the same except for one less service, the removed service does not get stopped.

I have also tried setting scale: 0 in rancher-compose.yml for this service as well. But it doesn’t seem to stop it.

What is a good way to have a docker-compose.yml that has one extra service in a specific environment and that can be removed when removed from the compose file?

What command are you running to run these files? Are you just doing a rancher-compose up?

Actually, never mind, I think it won’t work. Can you file an enhancement for a flag for this?

You can usually do a rancher-compose rm

Cool, added at