Restarting Galera Mariadb issue

  1. Hi I am trying to create a wordpress application using docker compose and I use the Galera MariaDB catalog entry from the rancher.

  2. I can get all the set up working fine. I use external links and connect to the load balancer with some environment variable like this:


    • r-galera_galera-lb_1:mysql
  3. I can see the tables being replicated in the cluster, however if I reboot the machine, even after the stack becomes active again, I fail to launch the application.

  4. I get the error like this:

    >  wordpress-docker-php-fpm  | MySQL "CREATE DATABASE" Error: WSREP has not yet prepared node for application use
    >     wordpress-docker-php-fpm exited with code 1
  5. When I remove the whole Galera Stack and make a new one I get my wordpress setup working again.

    I had to come to this forum for this issue since I couldn’t contact any maintainer of the catalog (there isn’t any contact info). Can someone help in this regard ?



Have you got some info about this? I’m facing the same issue.

Same problem with Galera here…

Communication link failure: 1047 WSREP has not yet prepared node for application use

its annoying that there is no working cluster DB in the catalog.

agree, did you find a solution ?

similar issue anyone found any solution

same issue anyone found solution

Any news? How did you fix it?