RIP Robin Williams

He made me laugh

He made generations laugh. I am stunned and deeply saddened at his
passing. May his demons now leave him in peace.

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Sad news indeed. The light that shines twice as bright and all that…

Anders Gustafsson (NKP)
The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)

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Lance Haig sounds like they ‘said’:

He made me laugh[/color]

So my response to Lance’s comment is…

That caught me off guard. He made millions laugh. RIP indeed, guess
heaven needed a new headliner.


I’m 37, and I feel I grew up with Robin in my living room…I am deeply
saddened that he has left us. When I listen to his Scottish stand up
comedy act about, I still howl. It saddens me even more that he did it
not too long after his and his daughters birthday…depression is the
red dragon…


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Lance Haig wrote:

He made me laugh[/color]

Really really sad, yes :frowning: