RKE2 cluster not connecting to rancher

Rancher 2.7.9
create rke2 cluster in Rancher then run the registration command on Ubuntu 22.04 host.

ufw and apparmor disabled and no containerd or docker installed on host.

crictl shows all started and cant find much in the logs that I can see that is an issue.
kubectl shows node started and running… pods all running

I just cant get passed this message in Rancher:
“non-ready bootstrap machine(s) custom-f3970647353c and join url to be available on bootstrap node”

rancher is running in a docker on Ubuntu with a HAproxy frontend. but the url that shows in the registration command is the hostname of the host running Rancher.

any troubleshooting tips would be great

installed a fresh install of Rancher and created a new cluster that deployed perfectly fine on these hosts :frowning: … so this is a rancher issue

We have had this rancher instance for years and upgrade a million times :slight_smile: … so I guess there is something where we cant talk back to the Rancher to register the final bootstrap