Route53 public IP

I’m trying to use the Route53 service to create a DNS entry for my port 80/443 entry point LB.

The entry is being added correctly, however, it’s using my VPC IP (172.x.x.x) and not a publicly addressable one.

How can I point it to the public IP?

Actually, a more general purpose request –

I have two hosted zones for the same domain - one public, one private.

It’d be useful for the Route53 service to determine whether the zone is public or VPC - and update in both zones with the public and private IPs respectively.

This is vital for AWS because certain security groups grant access based on other VPC security groups, which means traffic must remain within the network to recognise it’s coming from an associated group.

For the first issue, what IP is showing up on your host in the hosts view? Is it showing the public or private one? The Route53 service uses the IP that is shown in the host view to create records.

To update the IP of your host, you can re-run the rancher/agent command and add the -e CATTLE_AGENT_IP=<public_ip> to the command.

I’m not sure if the Route53 service would be able to handle your enhancement request but I encourage you to create an enhancement request in Github.