RSS feed for patch information no longer updated

As already was reported in, SUSE’s RSS feeds informing about security issues (as well as those about bug fixes) have not been updated since August 7 this year. reports:

[QUOTE]Novell Patches: - All SUSE Products -
The latest patches for - All SUSE Products -
Security update for pidgin 13717
7. August 2018, 08:00
Moderate: Security update for pidgin

Patch: sdksp4-pidgin-13717
CVEs: CVE-2017-2640
Bugs: 1028835[/QUOTE]

It was tried to bring this to SUSE’s attention, but it seems that no-one internally was able to handle the technical issue - and not even the page listing those non-updated “news feeds” was expanded to carry some “sorry, currently out of order” notice.

I am willing to believe that preparing for next year’s challenges is putting SUSE internal staff under high pressure, but keeping that RSS feed about security issues online, without any notice about it currently not being updated, seems a non-acceptable way of handling security-related issues.


I will have SUSE Support Management informed.



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