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I see that there is a GW 2014 R2 SP3 available since a few weeks. I did not
receive any patch notification. I installed GW (available since
August last year) only in march this year, because I never received a patch

I have “patch notification” enabled in Customer Center, and additionally
have subscribed to the RSS feed “Novell Patches: -All Micro FocusProducts-”.
No information about GroupWise Updates on neither channel.

Why is this so? I think, to get information about important patches and
updates is a very important and basic service. Is there any other, more
reliable channel for this information?


Hi Mirko

The channels you are subscribed to should be enough to alert you to any
new release.
These are and have been reliable as far as we know. We have not received
updates to the contrary.

I will inform Product Management and ask them to provide feedback.

Our apologies about the hassle.



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Hi Mirko,

Further to what actions Tarik is undertaking, you may also subscribe to
patch notifications here:


Laura Buckley

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Hi Tarik,

last week, I again missed a Patch because it is not in the “All
Products, All Patches” RSS feed: I spent hours of testing and I
formulated a Service Request, only to get the information that the day
before “Update 29” came out to solve exactly this problem. If it had
been in the feed I would have known and that would have saved me a lot
of time.

There are notifications about Filr, Novell Client, ZCM in the “All
Products, All Patches” feed but none about GroupWise and OES.



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Hi Mirko,

Please accept our sincere apologies for this situation.
I have once again reminded and alerted Product Managers for OES &
GroupWise for the same.



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