run installer file right after boot, only once


I have an interactive installer in a .run file.
It’s supposed to be installed after the system is installed (autoyast).
I would like to run it right after the boot process ends and after KDE starts (the installer needs gui).
The .run file should be executed only once.

BTW The autologin function is on.

Can anybody suggest me how to do it?
I thought about mixing with the .profile i.e.:

./ &
sed --in-place '/run/d' .profile
sed --in-place '/in-place/d' .profile

But it doesn’t work right and it’s not a ‘clean’ method.

Create a wrapper script and place in the user home ‘autostart’
directory that checks in the file (or a directory) from the installer
exists. If it doesn’t run the file, if it does skip…

if [ ! -f ~/.installed ]; then
echo "Running installer"
touch ~/.installed
echo "Installed, not running"

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