To read profile during installation

I am building SuSE (SLES 11 SP1)appliances using KIWI and was looking
for a way to perform an unattended installation in them. Moreover, I
need to perform partitioning based on the hardware (no. of disks, their
capacity, etc).

I came across SuSE’s AutoYaST feature that suggests that I can put my
installation instructions in an xml file(called the autoyast profile) in
the generated ISO. Also, I needed a location to put my partitioning
script (possibly utilizing fdisk command). The SuSE documentation at
4.12. clearly says that " it’s possible to change the partitioning with
fdisk in your pre-script"

I read that it can be done if:

1.The xml file autoinst.xml is put on the root of the cd.
2.the script (called a pre-script in this case) is embedded inside the
xml file
3.while booting from cd, the boot parameter
autoyast=file:///autoinst.xml is given.

My autoinst.xml file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

This xml profile is taken from the example provided at the end of the
page at”.

As you can clearly see, the script is meant is produce output that can
be easily verified. But this is not happening. I have included the
packages autoyast2 and autoyast2-installation in the appliance. On
booting with the specified boot parameter, I am taken to an error screen
that says “calling the YaST module ‘inst_netprobe’ has failed” The logs
mentioned in the error (/var/log/YaST2/y2log) are no good. They just say
the same thing that calling the module inst_netprobe failed.

After selecting NEXT, installation proceeds normally and ends at the
login prompt. After login I’m not seeing any of the changes that the
pre-script was meant to produce, suggesting it wasn’t called.

Can someone point out if I am missing something?

  1. Am i missing a package related to AutoYaST?
  2. Is my location ("/" on the ISO) correct for putting my xml file?
  3. Is the xml file correctly formatted or is it missing something? I
    took this sample from the example given at the end of the documentation
    link i provided above.
  4. Is the way of invocation correct? (giving
    autoyast=file:///autoinst.xml) ?


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