Run sidekick in host mode and have access to primary


Is it possible to run a container on the managed network, and then run a sidekick container in “host” mode, and have access to each other?

For example, I have a DNS container which needs to talk to another container right next to it, but I also need to be able to run it in host mode so that I can expose the DNS service on the host. I tried adding the io.rancher.container.dns: "true" label to the slave, but I still can’t seem to talk to the primary container from it. Is there any way to bridge those networks with a sidekick container?

You may be hitting a glitch/bug/intended-but-confusing behavior of sidekicks. I’m going to try to reproduce your issue later today when I get a chance.

If this turns out to be a legitimate bug, we should open an issue at