DNS: Resolve service on same host


how can I reach a service / sidekick container on the same host?
I need HTTP communication between my services, but they should only use services on the same host. Currently my services run on two hosts and I get responses from different IPs when I ping other containers by name.
Current setup:
Primary container (varnish) + 2 Sidekicks (nginx, phpfpm) on 2 hosts (A & B). When pinging “nginx” from varnish, I get responses from nginx on Host A and Host B.

You would not be able to explicitly reach the single sidekick container. Our internal DNS will round robin between all the containers in the service.

If you wanted it to be host specific, you’d need to create 2 different services (with sidekicks) on each host.

Sorry to bring this up again, but I seem to remember reading abt something similar in the docs but cant find it now… (as in a special DNS suffix to reach containers on same host primarily)… does this exist or am I dreaming?