Running an HA rancher server

So I was reading the instructions on running a mutli node rancher server, and it appears they’re somewhat outdated. The current documentation states that Zookeeper is needed, but inspecting the running container it appears that Zookeeper has already been removed.

Aside from that, the documentation states that the MySQL db needs to be shared, but it doesn’t mention if redis needs to be shared. Does it? If not, is all that’s necessary is to just point two server nodes at a shared MySQL database?

Additionally, is it still the case that the go-machine-service and websocket-proxy services need to be run separately? If this is the case, is running the server in HA actually HA at all? If each of those services can only be run once, we’ve still got a single point of failure…

Hi @nlf,

The HA instructions are still accurate for the things they describe and its experimental state. We do need to update the docs to include catalog service and compose executor.

Zookeeper and Redis are both needed and are shared services. We didn’t package those into the Rancher/Server container.

The go-machine-service and websocket-proxy still need to be run outside of rancher/server. They are SPOF at the moment, we will be addressing this before GA.

Don’t want to be a PITA, but any updates on this?, seeing that we are post GA :wink:

My guess is that the answer is “no”, judging from the docs, so my real question is rather, how far away do you expect this to be ?

Checkout today’s meetup, it should be covered. :slight_smile: